Por aquello de la depresión postvacacionalFor the post-holiday depression effect!

Queridos chic@s, me niego a dirigirme sólo a las mujeres, porque vosotros, los hombres, sois también clientes de moda femenina, sí!! quién si no, le compra a su novia el “It bag” del momento? tu! y sólo tú! y para saber cuál es, tendrás que indagar un poquito no?? así que para que os cueste menos (y ahora me refiero a vosotras también), aquí tenéis una colección de fotos que he encontrado para que empecéis el curso, trabajo o la vida cotidiana con un poquito de positivismo.

Ayyyy cómo me gusta!!! esos pantalones baggy!! tan cómodos, tan modernos, tan sexy! sí! lo son! la mujer que los lleva es segura de sí misma , y además , dejan volar la imaginación!

Y los botines? y la chupa de cuero? no puedo seguir… me enamora

No me digáis que no hay ganas de colocarse unas botas ya a estas alturas, una cazadora o una manguita fina…sí, a que sí?

Para algun@s el otoño es deprimente pero para otr@s es el verdadero inicio del año, cuando todas las energías negativas se han ido después de unos días de placer o tras unos bañitos en el mar , cuando estás morena/o y se te ha subido el guapo, cuando te sientas en una terraza y el tiempo pasa un poco más despacio, después de esa limpieza “espiritual” vuelves con más energía y ganas y se ve todo de una forma diferente, es , entonces , cuando un pantalón, una chaqueta, unas botas o un bolso pasan a verse más bonitos, buenos o fashion que nunca y es que es entonces , cuando en la ciudad se respira las ganas de moda “fashion is in the air”!!!

Dear girls and boys…. yes, I refuse to only talk to girls, because you the boys are also part of women fashion, yes!! You, The guy that buys his girlfriend the » it bag» of the moment? You and only you! to know which one to choose, you will have to investigate a little, right?? So, because we don’t want you to stress out on the process (and now we are also talking to the ladies), here you have it : a collection of pictures that I have found so that we can start the course training, job or just a normal day with a positive mood.

Wow, how not to love those baggy trousers!! They are so comfortable, stylish and sexy! Yes, they are! The women that wears them is definitely sure of herself and allows yours and others imagination flight 😉 yes guys I’m talking about you!

The ankle boots? And the leather contrast bomber coat?… I cannot carry on … I love it!

Do not tell me that you don’t fancy wearing some boots at this time, a parka jacket or knit jumper… Yes!!!

For some, autumn can be depressing but for others is just the beginning of the year! All the negative thoughts had to disappear after some well deserve relaxing days or some days of splashing in a marvellous beach; maybe because you are tanned or it’s one of those days when we wake up feeling so beautiful.

After all that «spiritual» cleaning, you are back full of positive energy and everything seems different, it is then when a trouser, a jacket, some boots or a new handbag start to really look pretty. It’s the season when the city is covered in style and «fashion is in the air»!!!

I personally love that good girl look, keep your eyes on that shirt with the black bow and the shoes… The crisp collared shirts will continue with us for a little longer so if I were you, I would make sure that there is a dress or a top with it in my wardrobe ; otherwise you can always buy a collar necklace to wear with your favourite top.

And about the trench coat, well what can I say! I’m an unconditional fan, is an essential piece for your wardrobe «a must have» for those breezy days. I love the one in the picture and with the red shoes, it looks fantastic! Be daring with colours when it comes to accessorising!! Since everything is so dark during the cold weather, we must make ourselves look happier with something, right?? 🙂

Attention to those heel trainers; the first ones I lay my eyes on were from Isabel Marant but now they have multiplied!! Invasion!!! I really like them, they are comfortable and it makes you few inches taller. You can find designer ones or some very cheap, but in between is the best!

I do not want to finish without mentioning one of the colours of the season: dark green, emerald green or whichever way you prefer to call it… It’s the green of the picture! The new black! It is so elegant and pretty, give some green to your life! And I mean the colour.

On the following pictures, highlight the bags (only a bit though, because my favourites are from «Cosy Butterfly») hahaha… 🙂 , notice that strap bags, cushion bags and those with animal prints are very popular and I really like them.

They are not just comfortable, they can also make you look so stylish in just seconds!

Now this time is really the conclusion 😉 Let’s mention the jumper! Doesn’t she look warn and beautiful? Well that can be you! Enough of being cold, now you can wear a jumper everywhere «even if you are hot and thinking that others are laughing» NO, no one is going to laugh. You will look stunning, with skinny jeans and heels, even better! Just think that with all the money you will save on tablets for your throat, you can have another perfect pair of heels!! Haha 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this post and also picked a few tips for your wardrobe of the season, and if not… Well, should I go and catch butterflies? 🙂 big kiss

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